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In 1970s Boston, a black-market arms deal between the IRA and South Africans goes haywire and the result is an interminable shootout in an abandoned warehouse; the arms broker (Brie Larson) responsible for setting up the deal and her sidekick (Armie Hammer) attempt to survive the ordeal by using their arsenal of weapons. Also with Cillian Murphy, Sharlto Copley, Michael Smiley, Enzo Cilenti, Noah Taylor, Jack Reynor and Babou Ceesay. Directed by Ben Wheatley. [1:30]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - Men make several sexually explicit and suggestive remarks (please see the Language category for more details).
 A man accuses another man of sexually propositioning his female cousin. During a gunfight a man says that a man and a woman across the room look like they are having sex (they are not). A man says his girlfriend, whom he does not like, is pregnant; another man tells the first man that he sure has sex with her often enough for not liking her.
 A woman wears tight-fitting jeans that emphasize her hips and calves throughout the film.
 Two men kiss the back of a woman's hand.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - Action (mostly an extended shootout) takes place within a large abandoned warehouse that is dimly lit and strewn with trash and the wet floor is covered in sawdust and broken glass.
 A man is shot and blood flows down his back as he falls and a dark pool of blood forms under his head; a woman crawls to him and gets her hands in his blood as she cries over him and a man looks at him and the injured man says, "I'm not dead," while another man looks at the top of his head and we see bloody brain tissue exposed. An injured man slumps against a wall and another man shoots him in the face (we see a puff of smoke and his nose flies off to the side, with no blood). A man is shot out of the rafters and falls into a small block area, where he slumps on a wall and cries, while we see blood on his crotch. A man is shot, he screams and falls face down onto the floor, dead (his hands are bloody). A man is shot in the forehead and we see a little blood stream from the red hole.
 A woman is shot in the thigh, falls, shouts in anger and hobbles to a piece of stone to sit. A ricochet bullet hits a man in the side of the face, bring out some blood and a scream. A man shoots another man in the shoulder, creating a red spot of blood as the victim falls onto his back. Several ricocheted bullets strike men in the arms, creating small red spots. Several men and a woman receive gunshots to their shoulders and we see red spots and blood on their hands. Several men shoot pistols across a room without hitting people and we hear a man call out, "He shot me!" Several wounded men and a woman limp across a warehouse floor in long shots and suffer additional gunshots to the legs and fall (we don't see blood flow). A man is shot in the ankle and we see blood flow; he uses a crowbar as a cane, and then twirls and throws it twice into the head of another man who is not seriously harmed by it. Two men and a woman in a dark passage shoot handguns and a man is struck in the stomach (we see blood on the wound as he falls on his face, dead). Gunshots from off-screen strike one man in the side of the face killing him (we see blood), and strike another man in the stomach (he falls onto his back and we see blood flow from the wound). An injured man grabs a handgun and a rifle and shoots at all the other people in a warehouse, and then collapses backwards and dies.
 A man enters a warehouse and pulls out a handgun as he searches for people; another man throws a crowbar at his legs, he lifts the other man by the throat and throws him onto the floor where the second man stabs a crowbar down his man's throat, removes it, and hits him in the head below the frame (we hear the hit).
 A man punches another man who falls and then tackles him on the floor; the second man escapes to a van as gunshots shatter side windows and he is shot in one hand that splatters blood on a window; he drives away and another man crawls into the van, but the driver kicks him out then drives over the man's head (we hear a crunch as we see out the passenger window to look at the body in blood stained clothing).
 A man tosses gasoline on a floor, lights it and the screen fills with flames along with a man who screams as he grabs a fire extinguisher and uses it over his head and body (we see his hands charred up to the elbows and his face burned red and black).
 In close-up an injured woman uses black thread and some sort of black wire to sew up an open wound (blood has stained the leg of her jeans). A man crawls through debris and cuts his hand on broken glass and we see some blood. A man sticks his hand over the top of broken glass in a van window and cuts himself (we see minor blood flow). A man gets a used hypodermic syringe stuck in his hand by the needle and pulls it out in close-up.
 Two men duck bullets and fall onto a folding table that collapses. A man shouts that someone shot through his shoulder pads. Someone yells, "I've been insulted!" Two snipers hiding in a wall alcove fire automatic rifles at the people in the warehouse and a man calls out, "I forget whose side I'm on!" A male voice calls out, "Get me an ambulance!" Several men and a woman all hold handguns while crawling on their sides in a warehouse floor; they shoot at one another sending zinging bullets into walls and rocks, and two men wrestle over a handgun and then find it is empty.
 Two men argue over a woman and start a fistfight joined by two other men (one of the men is shown with a bloody face and mouth and a black eye as he winces and screams in pain, and another man has raw knuckles form a previous fight we do not see). A man squeezes the testicles of another man who screams and a third man punches the second man in the face and head three times; the second man argues with a fourth man about a woman and gets punched in the head (his face and lips are scratched and bloody).
 A dozen men and a woman meet in an abandoned warehouse for a black-market arms deal where two men argue over the guns offered for sale, several men pull out pistols and one man loads a clip with large bullets, puts it into one of the rifles and fires it around the warehouse, hitting a wooden pillar, a pile of wood, barrels and metal walls with loud "pings." While men crawl along a floor, shooting at one another, a shot hits an oxygen cylinder, causing it to fall to the floor and explode in a cloud of dirt and sawdust; another cylinder is thrown across the room and destroys a wall in a cloud of dust. A man uses an axe to cut down a door. We hear maniacal laughter off-screen.
 A man pretends to vomit, gagging and bending over, but no vomit is evident. A man spits out blood in close-up. A man calls out, "You are gonna make me puke!" A man wraps cardboard around his arms and legs to prevent infection to flesh wounds he received in a shootout. A man in a shootout complains about the dust on the floor making his allergies worse.

LANGUAGE 10 - About 240 F-words and its derivatives, 9 sexual references, 1 sexual hand gesture accompanied by the phrase "Find a dark corner somewhere," 13 scatological terms, 10 anatomical terms, 4 mild obscenities, name-calling (idiot, retard, junkie, fag, old woman, slut, big mouth, cheaters, special friend, reprobate, turncoat, freak of nature, piece of junk, clown car, kid, baby, St. Francis, Junkie Joe, Nazi), exclamations (shut-up, your mother...), 3 religious profanities (GD), 16 religious exclamations (Holy [scatological term deleted], Holy [F-word and scatological term deleted], Holy [F-word derivative deleted], For Christ's Sake, Oh My God, God, Jesus, Jesus Christ, As God Is My Witness).

SUBSTANCE USE - A man says that he has no headache pills but has smack (heroin), and a man twice smokes heroin by dipping his cigarette into the powdered drug in a piece of aluminum foil. A man says that he wants to get a beer, a woman tells a man they should have a drink later, and a man says that he is a recovering alcoholic. A man smokes a cigarette in a mobile home as well as in a warehouse and outside a building, three other men light and smoke cigarettes in a warehouse in two scenes, and two pairs of men smoke cigarettes during a lull in a shootout.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Illegal arms sales, greed, war, guns, parodies, humor, stereotypes, anger, mayhem, murder, loss of control, consequences.

MESSAGE - Illegal arms deals are dangerous and may not pay off.