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A scientist with powers to heal the mind (Aaron Eckhart) answers a distress call from the Vatican, and ends up entering the subconscious of a young boy (David Mazouz), who is possessed by a demon that levels ferocity at the scientist from a long-held grudge. Also with Catalina Moreno, Mark Henry and Carise van Houten. Directed by Brad Peyton. Several lines of dialogue are spoken in an unknown language by a demon-possessed boy and a woman, with some lines accompanied by English subtitles. [1:31]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A woman kisses a man on the cheek. In a long shot, a man and a woman kiss for several seconds at the end of a dark hallway. A woman hugs a man in a bar, using only one arm.
 A man says about a woman wearing a suit, "Whoa, she's hot!"
 A few scenes include women wearing low-cut blouses and low-cut or strapless dresses that reveal cleavage. A few women wear short dresses that reveal bare legs to the upper third of the thigh. Two women wear tight, short dresses that reveal partially bare thighs as they dance together in a club, rubbing shoulders and bellies together briefly. A man wearing a hospital gown reveals a partial bare back.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A grimy woman snarls at a young boy entering his apartment house and the boy later hears bumps in the apartment; something runs across the foreground and the woman from the street appears on a ceiling, jumping on him with a shriek and he punches her opening a raw wound on her face and killing her (we see her later in a photo with her neck broken). A smirking young boy in a dark room supernaturally tosses a man hard into the ceiling and then slams him hard to the floor as two women watching a monitor gasp; the camera cuts to a body bag being wheeled out of the room.
 A car loudly crashes into another car with a man, his wife and young son in the car at night; the camera cuts to two crumpled cars and glass from windows shattered on the pavement (we see the man with a cut on his forehead, the woman is slumped over with a bloody face and is dead, and the boy is lying in the grass facing away from the camera and we hear that he died; there is blood splatter on the pavement, curb and grass and the driver of the other car presses her face against the side window and snarls curses at the male driver (we hear that she is a demon).
 A leathery black forearm and hand hold a paraplegic man and a boy suspended in the air in a dark room; it drops the boy unharmed, then chokes the man and drops him as poison is delivered through an IV attached to the man causing him to snarl, writhe on the floor, convulse and try to get out a window; the man falls through the window smacking the sidewalk hard (we see his face covered in blood spatter and black gore) and we see the man revived later in an ambulance, he holds the hand of a woman in the vehicle and then he dies as the woman smirks.
 A man finds an office containing a cell wrecked, with bent furniture and smashed glass covering the floor and a straightjacket empty on the cell floor; he opens a wooden crate and finds a man dead inside as he and another man (his hands are bloody) struggle over a knife, pressing it to each other's throats until the second man flips the first man over, dumping him on to the floor, grabs the knife hand of the first man, says, "Pray you die!" as he stabs the knife into his own neck, falling dead with some blood spilled and eyes open.
 A young boy possessed by a demon sits with his head bowed in a dark empty room and we see large red circles under his eyes while speaking in a deep voice that sometimes reverberates; a scientist enters the room and through a trance, enters the boy's mind three times and speaks to the boy on a playground until the man begins bleeding through his shirt and mouth when a man with large black irises jams his hand into the man and the camera cuts to the scientist in real time, convulsing (the boy smirks); the man finds a large red hand print on his abdomen. A man convinces another man to jump out a window as a woman screams (her eyes are shown with huge black irises); the camera cuts to the man falling through the ceiling of an office, shrieking as he vomits black gore that steams with heat (we later see a video of the man falling onto the desk). A man in a trance enters a carnival, speaks with a boy, argues and scuffles with the boy's father who is demon possessed and the boy shouts in fear after his father grabs his arm; the two men end up in a choking fight and one man holds and touches a silver cross to the other, who snarls and catches fire, chases the other man and the boy as they jump through a window and the flaming man roars (we later see the boy and the first man OK).
 A man in a trance mentally awakens in a hospital bed with a small bandage on his forehead after a car crash and he sees that his wife and son are alive; the woman says that he has a concussion and was in a coma for three days and when the man realizes that he is in a trance and his "wife" is a demon he runs through hospital corridors until another woman blocks his way, knocks him down and punches him as she says, "You're gonna burn!" A man confronts the mind of another man in a club surrounded by women as the second man looks out a window and sees his own image with black gore running from the eyes, nose and mouth.
 A man punches three men who grab him, punches them again, and escapes them. A man argues with another man in a bar; the first man knocks down the second man and chokes him hard for several seconds before releasing him.
 A man says that a demon killed his family and paralyzed his legs in a car crash, and is an entity that passes from one host to another through touch; he says the demon dislikes the man's special powers for entering the subconscious of demon-possessed people to free them and will continue to torment the man; he says he will try to kill the demon. A man attaches electrodes to his head and uses an IV drip of some sort (please see the Substance Use category for more details) to mentally enter other people's minds to rid them of demons. A man argues with another woman about the existence of demons, calling them parasites and not supernatural. A woman watches a cellphone as we hear but do not see the screams and shouts of demons and people trying to escape them and the woman looks shocked. The voice of a man on a phone says, "I didn't mean to hit him," and we later hear that the man once broke his young son's arm and the wife divorced him. A man shows a wide red bruise on one wrist resulting from what we hear are encounters with demons in other people's minds.
 Surveillance footage shows a man wearing a full-body straight jacket crouching away from the camera in a cell as he bangs once loudly on the door, cackles and crouches again. An unshaven sweaty man sits in a wheelchair permanently after an auto accident. At night, a street is full of trash and homeless people's shopping carts filled with junk.
 A person asks, "Are we going to see green vomit?" (no one vomits).

LANGUAGE 5 - About 2 F-words, 5 scatological terms, 1 anatomical term, 12 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, psycho, whorehouse, piece of Holy Cloth, parasitic entity, heroin-addicted throat cutter), 5 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, Jesus, Jesus Christ).

SUBSTANCE USE - An IV bag hangs on a support on the back of a wheelchair and we see drops of liquid drip in close-up twice and we hear that the liquid will slow a heart rate to near-death and we see a man show a large hypo of a white substance that is an antidote, a man cleans the forearm of another man with alcohol (we don't see a needle), a man receives a vial of poisonous liquid and a woman places it into an automatic dispenser leading to an IV line, and we hear that the poison was produced from the blood of a man who is possessed by a demon. A man drinks some sort of alcohol from a flask, a dark club shows men and women dancing with glasses of whiskey as well as martinis and glasses of wine in their hands, a man drinks brandy in an office and another man pours a wine glass of brandy and sits it on a desk, a pool hall includes empty beer bottles on tables and a man taking a last drink from a glass of beer, a man near a pool table drinks a short glass of whiskey all at once, and a nearly empty glass with wine at the bottom is shown on a nightstand.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Physical disabilities, mental powers, the unconscious, demon possession, belief, Catholicism, exorcism, determination, courage, sacrifice, healing, freedom.

MESSAGE - Happy families as well as broken families can experience psychological oppression and fear.