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A former military police investigator (Tom Cruise) visits his old army base to see the new commander (Cobie Smulders). Upon arrival, he finds her in the brig for treason and then he's charged with two murders and a paternity suit. He determines to discover who and what is behind the conspiracy. Also with Patrick Heusinger, Aldis Hodge, Danika Yarosh and Holt McCallany. Directed by Edward Zwick. [1:58]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A prostitute on a sidewalk asks an MOP if he would like her services and he declines; she wears a skimpy top that bares some cleavage and the middle of her abdomen with short-shorts that show her thighs.
 A woman removes her T-shirt in a motel room and we see her bra, cleavage, and back and abdomen. A man is seen shirtless and we see his bare back and chest. Halloween parade scenes include a dancing woman wearing a bikini and other women wearing low-cut blouses and leotards that reveal cleavage; a few dresses are short and some legs are covered with fishnet stockings.
 A woman wears a robe as she sits on a bed with a clothed man, who jokes that they should go to a seedy motel when their mission is completed. We hear that a woman was in jail for prostitution. A JAG colonel tells an ex-MP that he is being sued for paternity of a 15-year-old girl; the ex-MP says he never met the girl's mother. A teen girl says that she knows "tons of lesbians," and asks a woman if she is gay or has a boyfriend; the woman answers "no" to both questions.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A man and a woman are followed by a man, enter a restaurant kitchen, break plates and equipment loudly, chase out the staff and wait for the other man, who enters with a drawn handgun and the three fight with punches and kicks; the woman swings a large meat mallet at the man and he throws her into a wall and over a table while the other man pushes a tall shelving unit onto him (we hear crashing and breakage), two police officers with guns drawn enter and the second man takes one of their guns and shoots them both in the face (they both fall and we see a little blood).
 At night on a wharf, a man and a woman meet another man who enters a warehouse with a handgun drawn and questions a homeless man as two other men fire assault rifles in their direction; they shoot up a car, shattering a windshield and flattening tires, one man is shot in the leg (he falls, grunting), a man jumps off a staircase and onto a gunman (whom he pounds in the face and chest, presumably killing him), a lot of loud rapid fire shooting occurs, a fuel barrel explodes causing flames to engulf other barrels, and the woman jumps off a staircase and grabs a gun on the pavement before shooting a man (some blood is visible).
 A woman kicks out a post from a staircase landing and holds it as a club as she and a man enter an apartment where they find a dead woman inside (we see her feet and ankles); we see a flashback in a kitchen where a gunman shoots the woman in the head and we see a hole appearing between her eyes as the woman falls backwards and a teen girl rushes out a window to the fire escape; in real time, we see a badly blood-splattered wall and a teen girl rushes out of the under-sink cupboard, swinging a knife but the man deflects it and hugs her until she calms down.
 We see three flashbacks of a male soldier and a female soldier shot at close range by a man; they fall backwards without blood flow and we hear that the two soldiers were accused of selling information to foreign powers.
 A woman fights a man with kicks, punches and chokes; he throws her into a wall, she beats his head with a wooden club of some sort and strangles him to death with a garden hose as she steps on his back (we hear crunching and see him go limp). A gunman catches and holds a teen girl on a ledge of a roof, points a gun at another man who points a gun at him, the men argue and the girl stumbles several times, loosening rubble that falls over the side before twisting away from the gun held on her and the other man tackles the gunman, taking him over a railing and onto a lower roof where they fight; the gunman swings a metal bar and the other man breaks his arm with crunching sounds, and then slams him face down onto the stone rooftop (we see a spot of blood under the face); the man kicks the gunman in the head off-screen and tosses him over the side of the roof to the ground, presumably dead, as we hear a loud thud. A man and a woman speed to a hotel where a teen girl is being chased by gunmen; they drive through a short wall, scaring people who run and arrive at the front door while gunmen chase the girl through Halloween parades of vampires, green faced monsters, dancers with Mardi Gras masks, clowns, and parade floats; the girl hides inside a float for a short time, she runs into a hotel, onto a balcony, onto a slanting tiered set of roofs while a man hangs from a balcony ledge and jumps to a lower roof, chasing the gunman and a woman is shot at before the man kicks the gunman in the head (presumably killing him); another gunman kicks the man in the stomach and head, but he punches the gunman hard three times. Four men follow another man from different directions through a dark alley: the fifth man kicks open a warehouse door and the other men surround him with one of the four stalkers pointing a handgun and taunting the man in the middle, who beats up all four of his followers; we see punches, kicks, a twisted and crunching arm, and the man in the middle takes two men and rushes through a plaster wall, falling in debris and dust; the intended victim strike's one stalker's arm with a metal rod and a sixth man shoots a gun from around a corner before calling out, "I'm going to hurt your little girl." A man beats up two other men with kicks, punches, and head-butts, and we hear bones crunching; a woman in the scene grabs a police baton and beats up another man, striking him in the head twice (we see no blood as the victim falls off-screen quickly).
 A JAG officer sits slumped in a chair with a bloody face, gasping and groaning in a shadowy room while a man puts on gloves and beats him in the head three times as the camera cuts away; we hear a report that the officer died. A man beats another man in the head with a large, heavy desk phone about eight times at an angle at which we cannot see the damage and the victim groans; the camera cuts to a scene in which we hear a man say the officer died. A man with a scraped face and ripped shirt sits in a diner with his hands cuffed behind his back while two men on the ground writhe and groan in pain and we hear that two more men were beaten up as well. A man sits beside another man on a plane, strikes him hard in the face and abdomen and knocks him unconscious (we see no blood); the attacker opens a lavatory and kicks the man inside hard in the back, splashing blood onto the back wall. A man being led to a cell knocks a guard out (we see no blood) and takes his jacket and uniform beret. A man bends another man's arm backwards and threatens to break it; the attacker takes money from an envelope while a woman downloads files from a computer and they leave.
 A flashback shows a Hummer explode into fireball that fills the screen as men are thrown forward and off-screen; later, we see that the front half of the vehicle is missing.
 A car containing two men with handguns tails a third man and parks, the third man appears at the passenger window, and punches through shattering glass causing the struck man to groan and gasp; the third man takes one handgun and tosses it into the back seat, and takes the other gun, dismantles it, and throws it into a trash can as he walks away.
 An MP arrests a sheriff for kidnapping undocumented women and selling them; three such women sit cowering in a booth. A man is accused of committing two murders with his bare hands and his accuser notes bruises we see on his hand. A man sees a teen girl slip an obscured item up her coat sleeve in a bodega, then hides around a corner; they argue and she tells him to stop following her as she stalks away down an alley.
 A mercenary says, "People like me, they kill people," and that veterans coming back from the Middle East are never the same again. We hear that a large dent in a metal desk was made by a man hitting another man's head into it. A man learns that a woman was fired and jailed for espionage. A woman tells a man that someone unknown in the US Army is selling American weapons to Middle Eastern powers. A man says that corrupt officials in Afghanistan are selling US weapons on the black market. A man and a woman talk briefly (we do not hear their voices) with homeless men outside a drug dependency clinic and the homeless are ragged and dirty; one man sits in a wheelchair, missing a leg above the knee. A gunman follows a teen girl at night and calls another man who says that he will break the gunman's arms, legs and neck. A man and a woman argue loudly about military-related mission plans. A woman argues with a teen girl. A man argues with a teen girl several times. On a TV movie, a woman runs toward the screen screaming.
 A man, a woman and a teen girl run away from people who want to kill the girl; they board a plane and the girl gags (the man gives her a barf bag); she shudders in fear, but does not become sick. A woman with her back turned to the audience brushes her teeth and we hear but do not see brushing and spitting.

LANGUAGE 4 - 1 possible F-word, 1 obscene hand gesture, 9 scatological terms, 8 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, stupid, weird dumb, junkie, babysitter, antisocial, thief), exclamations (shut-up, you need to be quiet, keep my mouth shut), 2 religious profanities (GD), 1 religious exclamation (Oh God).

SUBSTANCE USE - We hear that a woman was charged and jailed for possession of illegal drugs, a man removes a rocket launcher from a crate at an airport and pounds one end on the ground before unloading many baggies of opium from inside the launcher, we see hundreds of baggies of opium piled up on a crate and hear that the haul is 500 kilos, a man is arrested for drug trafficking, we hear that a US Army vet is homeless and addicted to opium and we see him shake during withdrawal, and a man says that it was easier to stay in the Middle East and mainline opium than to come back to the USA. Two hands reach into the scene to a table and remove two glasses of whiskey to points off-screen in a club, several men are seen sitting on the floor of a warehouse and one man drinks form a beer bottle while another man has a paper bag beside him with a closed bottle of some sort of alcohol in it, four flasks of unknown beverages and several bottles of liquor with obscured labels are seen in a home, and a man jokes to a woman that he has champagne chilling and he had planned to drink a little wine with dinner.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Espionage, treason, war, drug trafficking, military careers, corrupt military officials, police officers, mercenaries, corrupt government contractors, false accusations, manhunts, loneliness, helping others, friendship, loyalty, respect, trust, family, youth in foster care, courage, sacrifice.

MESSAGE - Men and women can find friendship in their military careers and are both capable of fighting corruption and crime.