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A dedicated company CEO (Jennifer Aniston) becomes disgusted with her brother (T.J. Miller) when he concentrates on partying instead of working. She tries to close him down, but he recruits his tech officer (Jason Bateman) to host a monumental office Christmas party and catch a high-powered client who will save all their jobs. Also with Kate McKinnon, Olivia Munn, Vanessa Bayer and Rob Corddry. Directed by Josh Gordon & Will Speck. A line of dialogue is spoken in Russian with English subtitles and a German song is not translated. [1:45]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - A washroom stall opens to show a nude man and three nude women (one revealing full breasts and the two others the side of one midriff and one partial buttock); while one man is seen kneeling with his bare shoulders and upper back to the camera the scene suggests group sex and a clothed man enters the washroom and says that the men and women in another stall that we can't see look like a caterpillar.
 A man wearing an open long sleeved shirt reveals buttocks, hairy thighs, penis and testicles as he holds his genitals to the scanner of a 3D printer (we do not see the result). Propped against the front of a reception desk, a nude man sits sleeping, with a large box of popcorn obscuring his groin area between spread legs (bare chest, abdomen and legs are seen). A man handles a penis-shaped vibrator in a high-end store and another man says it is a circumcised penis dildo. At an office party, a woman sitting on a Santa's lap asks for a dildo and Santa gives her a box wrapped in Christmas paper (likely a dildo). A man removes his trousers and we see his legs as well as spandex-type under-shorts as he walks onto a rooftop and urinates (we see the stream, no genitals). Six women remove their blouses to reveal bras, some cleavage, bare shoulders and bare midriffs as they photocopy their chests. A few men pull down their trousers and shorts to photocopy their rear ends and we see buttocks and thighs (no genitals). A man wearing a long-sleeved shirt and under-shorts sits on a running photocopier glass, apparently asleep. A man walks around an office party without his trousers (bare legs to the hip are seen). A man sits in a washroom stall with trousers around his ankles and from above; we see thighs and lower legs, his private parts obscured by a large cell phone. A man in a hospital gown walks away from the camera and we see his bare back, buttocks, and upper thighs. At a party, a shirtless man walks toward the camera with a shirtless woman wearing sparkly pasties and body paint on her breasts. A few scenes include women wearing low-cut blouses that reveal moderate to large amounts of cleavage. In the background and unfocused, we see a poster of a woman wearing a bikini with a suggestion of bare shoulders, cleavage and bare abdomen.
 A man and a woman kiss passionately while seated in a hallway. Three couples kiss for several seconds. A woman in a club sits on a man's lap, kisses him, slaps him in the face and leaves. A prostitute wears a knee-length skirt slit up the front to reveal bare thighs above stockings and garters; a thin-strapped tube-top reveals bra straps, cleavage, and a part of her abdomen as she writhes and dances with a man and then twerks in front of his groin. A man and a woman kiss twice as they sit in an empty school room at work and he asks her to punish him for not doing his homework; she asks if he has a fetish, he says no and she angrily tells him to keep fetishes for the 4th date and stalks out of the room.
 A man stands up and appears in full back nudity briefly when a woman calls out that she sees a man having sex on a desk (we cannot see his partner). A man and a woman wearing snowman costumes dance and twerk in front of men briefly.
 A line drawing cartoon on a wall depicts a clothed woman with an exposed hairy penis and testicles having sex with a man who is on all fours. A tabletop Santa ice sculpture has a long penis of ice extending from his suit that dispenses eggnog; a man sucks on the ice penis and the eggnog overflows his mouth and a drunken man later does the same thing and slobbers eggnog on his shirt. A delivery man pretends to have anal sex with a plastic deer.
 A woman driver tells a passenger in her van that the back seat may be covered in genital secretions of her pet birds (we do not see any stains). A man says his mother began to have affairs back in the mid-1990s.
 A woman wearing a knee length knit dress grabs her groin as she dances to rap music and she later pulls one shoulder of the dress down somewhat to reveal a bra strap. After a party, two men lie asleep on the floor, spoon fashion.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A man punches another man unconscious on the sidewalk in front of a club. A woman chokes and breaks the arm of a man then beats up two other men, choking one of them with his neck between her ankles; another woman hits another man in the head with a nightstick, felling him. A man and a woman argue loudly, wrestle on an office floor and she punches his face and chokes him into submission.
 Two men driving two female passengers try to jump across an open drawbridge; they sideswipe each other and one car slams through the glass windows of a building while the other spins and backs into a lamp post (its occupants are unhurt). A car is shown smashed and sparking, an airbag knocks out a woman passenger (a little blood is on her face) and the male driver, dressed as Santa, has a bloody forehead. A woman drives a van erratically, missing collisions with other cars; she parallel parks between two cars and hits them both, causing some minor dents. A woman drives a van too close to another car, breaking off its side view mirror. A man drives too fast, runs a red light, and causes a car on the cross-street slams into a pole. A car hits a man, who falls but gets up and says he is all right.
 Two women and a man dressed as Santa are wheeled into an ER on gurneys and we see the man who was dressed as Santa sitting up in bed with a small bandage on his forehead as a woman says that he has a broken ankle, but he has no cast.
 A woman points a gun at a man dressed as Santa; she and a prostitute kidnap him and demand money from him, but never receive it. A woman with a handgun threatens a man if he does not pay $500 for a prostitute as she points the gun back and forth at him and herself to scare him and he pays the money. Inside a club, a man with a knife plays mumblety-peg, stabbing the tabletop between the spread fingers of one hand quickly.
 A man and a woman argue without physical fighting. A man argues loudly with three people at an office party. A woman says that she and her friends should kill a man, but they do not harm him.
 Loud, drunken party guests on two floors of a high-rise building shout and smash glasses, bottles, furniture, office machines and decorations and some scattered fist fighting breaks out; a security guard brings out a Taser, she stuns a man in the neck and he falls while a man dressed as Jesus rides through one floor of the party on a white horse, stomping on falling furniture as a Christmas tree catches fire; we see the next morning and a floor of the building is strewn with broken furniture and decorations as a three-year-old boy walks through, calling for his parents (they are nowhere to be found) and a smashed vending machine lies on the sidewalk in front of the building. A man dressed as Santa rides a sled down a staircase and breaks a nativity scene figure (he is unhurt). A man does a drug-related stunt (please see the Substance Use category for more details) in which he swings from a string of Christmas lights off a balcony and hits a vending machine, then slams to the floor, leaving him with a bloody forehead and mouth (we see him being rolled away on a gurney); we see him in the hospital later and he walks with a limp and has two teeth missing. Two men in a store shoot Nerf bullets at each other, toppling a tall Christmas tree that crashes loudly and running out of the store.
 A man spits out pastry he does not like onto a paper plate in his office. A man begins to spit on his sister and we see the spit drool and then be sucked back into his mouth. A woman in a meeting has flatulence and people at the table laugh and frown. Someone in a van says that it smells funny and a woman says that she flatulated. A man removes his trousers and we see his legs as well as spandex-type under-shorts as he walks onto a rooftop and urinates (we see the stream, no genitals). A woman driver tells a passenger in her van that the back seat may be covered in genital secretions of her pet birds (we do not see any stains). A man wraps a jagged military combat knife as a present.

LANGUAGE 10 - 67 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 18 sexual references, 33 scatological terms, 5 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, name-calling (stupid, idiot, mean, skanky, Pantyhose), exclamations (oh my gosh, shut-up), 2 religious profanities (GD), 18 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Holy [scatological term deleted], Oh God, Oh Lord, God, Thank God, Jesus, I Swear To God, A Prayer For Help, Two Christmas Carols).

SUBSTANCE USE - An artificial snow machine has bags of white powder that look like cocaine, a bag of cocaine falls into an artificial snow machine and sprays onto a man who begins to talk fast and after dancing and shouting he swings from a string of Christmas lights off a balcony (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details), a woman persuades two men to buy cocaine (we do not see the sale), a man asks for Dilaudid in a hospital (he does not receive it), a doctor tells a man in a hospital to drink alcohol with an unnamed medication he is taking, a woman and a man on a rooftop take out a marijuana cigarette (it will not light), a man dressed as Santa is kidnapped by two women and he snorts cocaine from a large tabletop filled with lines of the powder and smokes a marijuana cigarette as he also drinks from a bottle of whiskey, in outtakes during end credits we see men and women blow smoke from marijuana cigarettes, and a few women hold marijuana cigarettes as a three-year-old boy sits among them. Men and women drink from bottles of beer as well as cups of alcoholic punch and full bottles of liquor and champagne at a huge office party, we see a keg of beer as well as cans of energy drinks and a table full of liquor bottles along with water coolers marked "Tequila" and "Vodka" and "Gin" at an office party, a tall pyramid of beer cans stands at the entrance of a party, men dressed as Jesus and the Wise Men are shown drinking from bottles of whiskey and vodka, a man dressed as Santa drinks energy drinks and later drinks from a bottle of whiskey, several people at a party pop champagne corks and spray each other with the foam, a woman says that martinis cost $12 at a bar, a man drinks from a short glass of whiskey in a lounge, and a six pack of beer is seen on a kitchen counter.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Christmas parties at work, American business cultures, competition, sales quotas, making a profit, how to treat employees, political correctness, responsibility, problem solving, innovation, generosity, friendship, relationships, respect, conflict, reconciliation, forgiveness.

MESSAGE - Employers sometimes choose between treating employees well and making a profit.