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This animated adventure tells the story of a man marooned on an isolated island and how after a large red turtle transforms into a woman, they fall in love and start a family. Directed by Michael Dudok de Wit. There is no real dialogue in the film, only exclamations. [1:20]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A man and a woman lie on a beach and kiss; the woman rolls on top of him (sex is implied); we see the woman pregnant later and then with an infant.
 A man and a woman hug. A man and a woman walk holding hands. A man and a woman lie together sleeping.
 A woman is seen in the ocean and her bare shoulders and upper chest are visible (she's presumably nude); a man lays his shirt on the shore line for the woman to use to cover herself when she comes out of the water.
 A man and a woman swim nude and we see the man's back and buttocks; the woman's buttocks are covered by her long hair. A woman bathes and we see her bare chest and abdomen; we see the outline of one breast and her hair covers the rest of her breasts with water covering her from the waist down. A nude infant crawls on a beach (we see bare hip and partial buttock). An infant boy is shown nude and we see his bare back, abdomen, chest and buttocks. We see a shirtless, bare-chested man in most scenes throughout the movie. A boy and then a teen boy is shown shirtless in most scenes through the movie. A woman lies motionless inside a large turtle shell (we see her upper chest).

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A turtle walks out of the ocean and onto a beach where a man pounds on its shell with a stick and flips it over on its back; the turtle flips its fins, then lies motionless (it is dead) and the man later tries to revive it by throwing water in its face, and the turtle's shell splits open and it transforms to a woman and the man builds a shelter over her (she eventually revives). A man dies (he lies motionless on the ground) and a woman grieves while sitting next to him and touching his hand.
 A storm rages in an ocean and a man is thrown around in the churning waves; the man grabs onto an overturned boat and the boat is slammed into rocks (we see the boat in splinters and there is no sign of the man, but we do see him OK Later). A man and a woman standing on shore see the water being drawn away from the beach as gulls squawk above them; the birds go silent and we see fish flopping on the dry land as an enormous wave brews in the distance then roars toward the island; the man and the woman run to higher ground as the wave pounds down on them; the water crashes through trees, uprooting them and a teen boy holds onto one that is washed away and we later see him covered by many uprooted tree trunks and he breaks free unharmed, and the woman is shown on the ground with a bloody leg and foot.
 A young boy slips down a sheer rock and into a pool of water where he struggles to stay afloat; he manages to swim and dives under the rocks to a narrow passage and out to open water where a man swims to retrieve him. A man slips on a large rock and slides down its sheer side into a pool of water (he seems to be trapped); he swims under the water and finds a passage that he swims through and he becomes stuck for a moment but then gets free).
 A large turtle chases a man in the ocean and then stops and swims away. A man builds several rafts of varying sizes and sets off hoping to find civilization; each time he leaves the island and travels some distance, something unseen crashes the raft to pieces from underneath and the man ends up in the water (he swims back to the island unharmed but angry).
 A teen boy swims a great distance into the ocean accompanied by turtles and finds a man clinging to an uprooted tree; the man slips off the tree and under the water and the boy pulls him to the surface (they get back to land safely). A teenage boy swims with several turtles in several scenes and he holds onto the shell of one turtle that swims with him when he becomes tired. A seal lies dead on a beach and a man kicks it then reacts to the odor; the man cuts away some of the seal's skin and we see him washing the blood off in the ocean water (we see the water tinged red). A woman transforms into a turtle and makes her way to the ocean where she swims away from an island.
 A man throws a rock toward the ocean in anger. A man shakes a tree violently and yells. A man yells in anger after his raft is splintered by something in the ocean. A man stranded alone on an island yells hoping for a reply (there is nothing). A man falls to his knees and wails in frustration. A man alone on an island climbs rocks to see where he is; he is startled by a seal barking. A man wanders through thick trees and he is startled by birds squawking.
 A man, a woman and a teen boy light a giant fire on a beach and throw many uprooted trees on it as they watch the flames. A toddler crawls on a beach toward a crab that skitters back to its hole; the boy pokes his hand in the hole, pulls out the crab and pops it in his mouth before spitting it back out. A gull snatches a crab off the beach and flies away with it.
 A man dreams that he sees a long bridge that he runs across and then flies. A man dreams that he hears music and follows the sound to the beach where he sees musicians playing and they disappear as he approaches, then reappear on the other end of the beach. A teen boy imagines riding a giant wave and sitting at the top of it overlooking a beach where his parents stand waving.
 We see a man unconscious in a beach and he is awakened when a small crab skitters up his pant leg. A man sleeps on the ground surrounded by thick trees and a millipede crawls across his foot. Several large ants crawl on a sleeping man. A man sleeping on sands is awakened when many baby turtles poke out of the sand and scurry toward the shore and ocean water; we see one small turtle motionless on the shore line as a crab pulls it away and into a hole in the sand (it's dead). We see a dead fish on the sand and a crab drags it into its hole in the beach and the fish's head sticks out of the hole (flies buzz around it). A teen boy cleans and guts fish on a beach and we see some blood and tissue. A man climbs a tree and knocks down a fruit that cracks open when it hits the ground.
 A man vomits and gags after swimming a great distance in the ocean (we see goo and hear retching); crabs circle the goo on the sand and presumably eat it.

LANGUAGE 0 - Exclamations (hey, aaaahhh).


DISCUSSION TOPICS - Survival, Mother Nature, being stranded alone, love, family, life cycle.

MESSAGE - No matter where you live, your children will grow up and leave home.