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Animated tale featuring animals performing in a singing competition for a theater owner (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) desperate to save his beloved theater from bankruptcy. Also with the voices of Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Jennifer Saunders and Jennifer Hudson. Directed by Christophe Lourdelet & Garth Jennings. [1:48]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A married pig couple kiss on-stage. A pig wife gets into bed with her pig husband. A male mouse admires a female mouse walking by on a sidewalk as "The Girl From Ipanema" plays. Three rabbits sing a song that includes, "Look at her butt" in the lyrics as they shimmy their tails. A female porcupine finds her boyfriend with another girl (singing romantically to each other) and throws him out.
 A pig says that she has 25 children. A performer tells another performer, "Take control of your body parts," when talking about how to dance.

VIOLENCE/GORE 2 - Rhino police chase gorillas after a robbery and they speed through streets. A mouse street performer attacks a monkey after the monkey puts 1 penny in his music case; the mouse robs the monkey. Many employees pound on the door of an office demanding their money and say that their paychecks bounced. A mouse is caught cheating while playing poker and is chased through a club by bears; they jump on his car as he speeds away and they are thrown off and onto the road (we do not see injuries). A bear picks up a mouse and holds him over his pointy claw, then puts him in his mouth (the mouse gets away unharmed). Three bears threaten a mouse and a koala before breaking open a chest using a baseball bat. A glass wall breaks and releases many, many gallons of water (and many squid), washing through a theater, trapping some animals under water, and pushing many other animals out into the street and a mouse into a drain; the theater collapses into a pile of rubble (we see no injuries).
 A bear eats a mouse and spits it out when the bear is struck by a car (no injuries are seen). A gorilla breaks through the wall of a prison, jumps on a moving bus, runs through a city across rooftops and through alleys to reach a theater while being chased by police cars and helicopters. A koala climbs onto a building's ledge and along the outside of a building carrying a power cable that he plugs in elsewhere. A koala speeds through traffic and on sidewalks riding a bicycle trying to get away from employees that what their paychecks. A gorilla hides in an alley when rhino police search the area. An elephant kicks a tree and all the leaves fall off. An iguana is pressed against a wall by a power cable and a sandwich that she is holding is squished into her face. Stage lights fall and nearly hit a mouse. When a porcupine sings or becomes angry, she shoots tines from her body (accidentally) and an audience ducks to avoid being struck in one scene but we see a few members with tines sticking out of them including a llama with several in the face and neck. An elephant trips on-stage and knocks over a microphone stand. A pig is squirted with milk, then dish liquid, then scrubbed with a brush after an automated home maintenance machine goes awry. Piglets pull on their father's ears. A mouse is pulled into the air and swings over an audience by a microphone cable.
 Several gorillas are arrested after a robbery and we see them in jail. A teen gorilla speeds in a pick-up truck and nearly runs down his father. A teen gorilla speeds through streets in a pickup truck and gets stuck in traffic. Several gorillas plan a robbery and a teen gorilla is assigned to be the getaway driver.
 A gorilla yells at his teen son after the father is arrested for robbery. A mouse speaks in a disparaging manner to an elephant who then leaves an audition. An elephant yells at his granddaughter and pokes her with his cane when she gives up on an audition. A reference is made to someone, "Working his tail off." A comment is made about someone, "Hitting rock bottom." An elephant yells through a megaphone into another elephant's ear. Three frogs argue in a few scenes and one storms out of a rehearsal saying that they accused him of being egotistical. A koala yells, "You gotta be kidding me," after the power goes out in a theater." Several animals are seen in jail speaking on phones to their visitors.
 An iguana is an iguana with one false eye that is always askew and pops out on a couple of occasions (we see it bouncing around the floor). 25 piglets and their father are shown strung on a clothesline.
 A bison flatulates three times, stomps on a snail (we see it flattened) and flatulates again. Many piglets throw food at a table. A pig falls asleep on a chair and a plate spills on the floor. A koala flips a fork into a bison's face and food splatters on him. An iguana sneezes and spills tea on a sheep. A koala washes a car using his body and a sheep uses his fur to dry the car.

LANGUAGE 1 - 1 anatomical term, name-calling (crazy, stubborn, useless, porky, awful, gangster, liar, old fart, moody teenager, danger to society, charlatan, washed up, stupid, corny, fool, loose cannon, walking disaster, bozos), exclamations (oh my gosh, holy moly, I swear to you, for Pete's sake, jeez, woopsy-daisy), 3 religious exclamations (Holy Moly, Only God Really Knows, Oh For Heaven's Sake).

SUBSTANCE USE - Bears drink what could be alcohol in a club.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Theater, contests, talent, fear, success, crime, stage fright, selling out.

MESSAGE - Dream big dreams.